Ljuljzim Aliti

LULZIM ALITI - Graduated Economist/Manager of the organization process of the company.

SEBAT XHELADNI - Manager of the production process of  quarry’s.

Knowing that stone processing is one of the oldest professions of the mankind, for man used  stone as basic material for every type of construction, and the stone was also used for other purposes related to our life, we approached to every kind of stone processing seriously and this improved our quality to a great deal. The whole process of shaping the stone is done in the quarry: starting from discovering, mining and drilling, filling with explosive, mining – transportation of the material to the crushing department, separation in fractions with standard dimensions.

This is very hard work to organize, arranging the schedule, amount requested by the clients, and everything else that can come out during the production process. Responsible for this complex organization of the work in the quarry is Mr. Lulzim Aliti , manager of the quarry for a long period of  time. His valuable experience and his presence in the quarry contributes for the continuity and flow of the production and thus satisfying the needs of  Makalb company. The efforts of Mr. Lulzim Aliti and Sabat Xheladini  contribute to a great extent for coordination of all ideas about the manufacturing process.