Shefki Aliti

Dear counterparts, clients and citizens

The company “Makalb company” which is settled on the highway Skopje – Tetovo nearby the village Grupchin, only 20km from Skopje, invites you to visit us.

Your visit will present great honour to us, and you are going to be offered with all our services about which you will show interest and need. When you open and read this catalogue, you will gain trust and you will be satisfied with the choice you have made – to cooperate with us i.e our company, which works professionally and is one of the leading companies in our scope of activities.

The main goal of this company from the first day of its founding is providing real values by using consulting and advanced experiences and all this through different stages of development. This company keeps pace with the modern trends of our time with only one goal- satisfying the needs of the customers and with our vision they will progress, too. This is achievable with our individual and collective engagement and responsibility with due respect to constant learning and striving to overcome old methods of working, and this affects also the employees, cooperators and the colleagues.

The success of Makalb depends on the professional responsibility of its employees, they have essential responsibility for improving the working quality, with constant focusing of the maintaining of the business and satisfying the needs of the clients.

In order to remain true to the requests of the consumers we pay great deal of attention to supplying of equipment, the company is equipped with the most modern technological equipment.

In this aspect and in order to improve the services we made investments in the environment and we have bigger efficiency in all areas of working.

The company “Makalb” with its manager and owner as well as with the great visionary attitude of the Ing. Shefki Aliti and its professional personnel have set as main goal success of the clients through our company. That is main and permanent goal of our company. You are always welcomed and you will be treated with honour and respect.

Please come and make sure of this!....

Contact: Eng. Shefki Aliti

Tel: ++ 3 892 616-419
Fax:    ++ 389 2  616-419
Mob:  ++ 389 2  209-551